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The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition urges all Torontonians to stand up to our municipal politicians and demand lower taxes, responsible spending, and responsible government. We are here to help you do this.

The most effective ways to direct your voice to local politicians are:

Join the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition

Joining the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is easy and affordable. You will be kept up to date on our activities, and will have a channel through which you can direct your voice to local politicians. Members are always the first to know about new developments and events. Learn how to join the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition.

Donate to Toronto Taxpayers Coalition

Donating to the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition allows us to keep advocating on your behalf. You can rest assure that your money will be spent wisely by the Coalition as we pressure our municipal governments to live up to the standards that we expect of them. Please donate today to help us keep the pressure on city hall.

Volunteer for the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition

We are also looking for volunteers to help us exert our influence on the city and school boards. If you want to help, we want to contact us.

Create a Ratepayers Association

Another important way to make a difference is to create a ratepayers association to champion important issues in your neighbourhood. We are working on a guide to help residents form a ratepayers association that will be posted here when we are completed.

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