Issues The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Champions

Bag Ban

Your tax dollars are going to support groups that are responsible for the bag ban, even though you don't support the ban yourself! You have no way to stop your taxes from supporting these groups, so what can you do about it? Read more...

Fair Wage Policy

Toronto's "Fair Wage Policy" is one of the most unfair policies the city has. The FWP dictates that employers who contract with the city must pay their employees a prescribed schedule of wages to their employees. This dramatically increases the cost of programs and construction. Read more...

Private Garbage Collection

In 2009, a garbage strike turned Toronto parks into garbage dumps as garbage blew through our streets for five long weeks. The strike was offensive to the nose, and after terms of the settlement were revealed, taxpayers realized we'd be paying through the nose. Read more...

Spending Spree Continues

The 2011 budget has been approved. However, at $9.4 billion, it's the largest budget ever brought forth in the city of Toronto - $200 million more than last year's budget. Is this what residents voted for? What's in store for 2012?

Land Transfer Headaches

For the past three years, the Municpal Land Transfer Tax has been making it harder to both by and sell a home in Toronto. Buyers have less money to spend, and sellers receive less money because of the extra tax to the city.

Transit Troubles

Since the year 2000, the price of a metropass has risen by a whopping 30% - but has the level of service increased from the time a metro pass cost a mere $88.50? The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition investigates.

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