Private Garbage Collection

We did it!

Christie Pits Park, pictured above, was turned into a temporary dump during the 2009 summer garbage strike.

On May 17th 2011, Toronto council made an historic decision to contract out garbage collection. After hours of heated debate, council voted 32-13 in favour of the measure that was long championed by the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition. In the midst of the debate, the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition had a petition circulated to the mayor and each councillor that contained 2,000 signatures in support of contracting out garbage collection.

In 2009, a garbage strike turned Toronto parks into garbage dumps as garbage blew through our streets for five long weeks. The strike was offensive to the nose, and after terms of the settlement were revealed, taxpayers realized we'd be paying through the nose.

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition used our deputation at the public consultations of the budget subcommittee to call on the city to explore the best way to implement private garbage collection. "We want you to find the best way to contract out garbage, and then implement it," our spokesman told the mayor and thirteen councillors attending public consultation in North York. Currently, only 15% of Toronto's collection budget is contracted out.

In September 2010, the C.D. Howe Institute released a comprehensive study that found that there is a substantially lower average cost per household in municipalities that have fully contracted waste services. When specifically looking at Toronto, the study found that Toronto could save $49 million per year by contracting out garbage.

"The former municipality of Etobicoke privatized their garbage services because it saved money. Toronto should follow this lead in the rest of the city," our spokesman added.

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition now turns its focus to the implementation of privatized garbage collection. This move will be looked back upon as a precedent and it is vital implementation is correct in order to ensure maximum savings.

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