Funding Public Transit: A Transit Funding Trifecta


Download our policy paper to read how Toronto can build an ever-expanding subway network through gaming revenue.

A casino can be the funding source that allows Toronto to build a world class subway system.

Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is urging City Council to endorse a winning idea - one that will fund subway expansion without increasing the burden on taxpayers.

Toronto must negotiate aggressively with OLG in the best interest of taxpayers for a large windfall for hosting a casino.

Our Transit Funding Trifecta can bring in $400 million in revenue - enough to build 1Km of subway tunnel and 1 subway station per year!

  • Hosting fees for hosting a casino in Toronto
  • Licensed gaming tables in the hospitality industry
  • Revenue from online gaming

Our multifaceted funding model will build world class transit - subways - without increasing or introducing new taxes.

Why should Toronto say yes to a casino?

OLG is determined to put a casino in the GTA. Their desire to put one in Toronto gives us a unique opportunity to negotiate hard for a new source of revenue we can earmark to expanding our subway network. With a casino, Toronto wins!

What if Toronto says 'no'?

Using gaming revenue to build subways means Toronto wins.

If Toronto says no to a casino, OLG will put a casino in a neighbouring municipality, possibly minutes from our border, ensuring we inherit all of the social problems associated with casinos while forfeiting all of the control and reaping none of the revenue.

City Council is averse to innovative funding models. They'd rather raise your taxes. We need your support now more than ever to fight for a new, predicable, sustainable revenue source that won't results in skyrocketing taxes.

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