Toronto Taxpayers Coalition In The News

01/15/2014 Debating Adam Giambrone On AmalgamationSun News Network
01/14/2014 Mayoral candidate Soknacki wants to stop Scarborough subway extension, return to LRT planScarborough Mirror
12/04/2013 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Celebrates Three YearsToronto Taxpayers Coalition
11/27/2013 Jim Richards Showgram: Preventing A Tax And Spend Mayor From Being ElectedNewstalk 1010
11/26/2013 Andrew Lawton Show: Follow Toronto's Lead Privatize Garbage Collection In LondonAM980
11/25/2013 Responding To City Staff's 2014 BudgetSun News Network
11/23/2013 Gardiner Expy. on road to ruinToronto Sun
11/18/2013 Conservatives turning away from Ford, tooToronto Star
09/27/2013 Mayor Ford furious over $75K spent on city hall chairsCityNews
09/27/2013 Rob Ford Says He Owes Torontonians Apology After City Spends $75,000 On 30 ChairsHuffington Post
09/27/2013 Toronto government pays more than $72,000 for 30 chairsUPI
09/27/2013 Rob Ford 'livid' over $75,000 chair purchase at Toronto City
09/27/2013 Andrew Lawton Show: Musical Chairs With Taxpayers MoneyAM980
09/27/2013 Toronto’s gravy-obsessed City Hall just bought 30 chairs for $75,000Yahoo!
09/27/2013 Taxpayers Shell Out $75,000 bill for 30 chairs at Toronto City HallSun News Network
09/27/2013 Mayor Rob Ford slams $75K chair purchaseCBC
09/26/2013 Taxpayers foot $74,850 bill for 30 chairs at Toronto City HallToronto Sun
07/30/2013 Adam Vaughan Is A LiarNewstalk 1010
07/19/2013 Toronto Council Rebuffs Taxpayers Coalition Proposal To Reduce Its SizeCity Centre Mirror
07/19/2013 Toronto Councillors Vote Against Cutting Council SizeToronto Sun
07/19/2013 City Council Meeting Stretches Into 4th Day Friday680 News
07/19/2013 Toronto City Council Approves Fair Wage PolicyCityNews
07/18/2013 EDITORIAL: Citizen Groups Have Stake In Local Election IssuesEtobicoke Guardian
07/18/2013 Toronto Votes Against Slashing Number of Councillors From 44 To 25 After Lengthy DebateNational Post
07/18/2013 Size Of Council Staying The Same For NowNewstalk 1010
07/18/2013 Toronto Council To Vote Whether To Cut Itself In HalfToronto Sun
07/15/2013 Toronto Council: Huge Agenda At Last Pre-Break MeetingToronto Star
07/13/2013 Etobicoke-Lakeshore Byelection Should Be A Knock-Down, Drag 'Em Out AffairToronto Sun
07/13/2013 Ontario Byelection Pits Rob Ford Allies Against Each Other In Tough Battle For Etobicoke RidingNational Post
07/12/2013 Jerry Agar, John Tory Discuss Toronto Taxpayers Coalition's Etobicoke-Lakeshore DebateNewstalk 1010
07/12/2013 Holyday, Milczyn Face Off In Etobicoke-Lakeshore Candidates DebateToronto Sun
07/12/2013 Sparks Fly At Etobicoke-Lakeshore All-Candidates DebateEtobicoke Guardian
07/12/2013 Etobicoke-Lakeshore Candidates Square Off In Fiery DebateNewstalk 1010
07/11/2013 Holyday And Milczyn Square Off In Debate For Etobicoke-Lakeshore ByelectionCityNews
07/11/2013 CBC Toronto: Doug Holyday, Peter Milczyn Face off at Toronto Taxpayers Coalition DebateCBC
07/11/2013 Metro News: Etobicoke-Lakeshore Byelection Debate Turns LivelyMetro News
07/11/2013 Etobicoke-Lakeshore Debate Turns LivelyToronto Star
07/11/2013 Candidates Take Part In Lively Debate In Etobicoke-LakeshoreCP24
07/11/2013 Newstalk 1010 Report All Candidates Debate Etobicoke-LakeshoreNewstalk 1010
07/11/2013 Ontario Byelections Heating UpSun News Network
07/11/2013 Councillors Apologize To City ManagerSing Tao
07/10/2013 Layton And Vaughan Violated Code Of Conduct: Integrity CommissionerCP24
07/10/2013 Adam Vaughan, Mike Layton Violated Conduct Code: Integrity CommissionerToronto Sun
07/10/2013 Toronto Councillors Violated Conduct Code In Critiquing Casino Report, Says Integrity CommissionerToronto Star
07/08/2013 Etobicoke-Lakeshore Candidates Debate AnnouncedEtobicoke Guardian
07/04/2013 Petitioning The Ontario Municipal Board To Cut City Council In HalfGlobal Toronto
07/04/2013 Taxpayers Group Urges Toronto To Cut Council In HalfGlobal Toronto
07/04/2013 AM640: Petitioning To Cut City Council In HalfAM 640
07/04/2013 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Calls For Thinning Number Of Councillors From 44 To 25Iask
07/04/2013 John Oakley: Petitioning To Cut City Council In HalfAM 640
07/04/2013 Lobby Group Aims To 'Force' City Hall To Eliminate Council SeatsNewstalk 1010
07/03/2013 Taxpayers Coalition Says It Will Attempt To 'Force' Toronto To Cut Council In HalfNational Post
06/04/2013 Mayor And Taxpayers Coalition Complain About Councillors’ Vancouver JunketInside Toronto
06/03/2013 18 Councillors attend multi-city FCM: Taxpayers Coalition Denounces Taxpayer Funded "Junket"Sing Tao
06/03/2013 Jim Richards: Gravy Plane FCM ConferenceNewstalk1010
05/06/2013 Sewell: Casino Divides City, Fight Takes FlightPost City
04/19/2013 Toronto's Formidable Emerging Right-Leaning VoiceHuffington Post
04/09/2013 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Takes Aim At CouncillorsToronto Sun
04/09/2013 Pro-Casino Group Complains About Conduct Of Opponents On City CouncilToronto Star
04/09/2013 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Files Complaint About Vaughan And LaytonAM 740
04/09/2013 Anti-Casino Councillors Vaughan, Layton Face Heat For CommentsToronto Sun
04/09/2013 Casino Report's 'Social Contract' Panders To Lefty CouncillorsToronto Sun
04/08/2013 John Oakley: Vaughan, Layton Violate Code Of ConductAM640
04/08/2013 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Makes Allegations Against Two City CouncillorsAM 640
03/28/2013 Ontario's 'Sunshine List' Grows To 88,412 Public Workers — Includes 7,123 City Of Toronto EmployeesNational Post
03/28/2013 Over 1300 TTC Employees On Sunshine ListGlobal Toronto
03/28/2013 Ontario Power Generation CEO Tops 'Sunshine List' At $1.7MCityNews
03/25/2013 TTC Allocates $58M To Alter Stops For New StreetcarsCP24
03/19/2013 Toronto Lobbyist 'Curfew' Up For Debate WednesdayToronto Star
03/19/2013 Toronto Lobbyist 'Curfew' Up For DebateMetro News
01/31/2013 Transit Funding: A Test Of Political Will And Citizen WillingnessToronto Star
01/25/2013 Presto Card Machines Not Standing Up To Deep FreezeToronto Sun
01/24/2013 Toronto City Hall Plays Waiting Game On Rob Ford VerdictYahoo! News
01/22/2013 James: Toronto Politics Ramp Up Some More As Smitherman And Thomson ReappearToronto Star
01/20/2013 Toronto Casino Question Far From SettledToronto Sun
01/18/2013 Editorial: Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard On Casino IssueEtobicoke Guardian
01/13/2013 Jesse Kline: It's Time For Toronto To Have A Casino To Call Its OwnNational Post
01/11/2013 Toronto Taxpayer Coalition Supports Casino Proposal Development For CityDaily Commercial News
01/09/2013 Toronto Casino ConsultationsGlobal Toronto
01/09/2013 Casino Information Session - Have Your Say On A Toronto CasinoCityTV
01/08/2013 Toronto Taxpayers' Group Favours Using Casino Money To Pay For SubwaysYork Guardian
01/07/2013 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Supports Casino In City CentreGCP News
01/07/2013 Downtown Casino Could Raise $400M For Subway Expansion: Toronto Taxpayers CoalitionNational Post
01/06/2013 Use Casinos To Finance Subways: Taxpayers' GroupToronto Sun
01/06/2013 Advocacy Group Says Toronto Can Fund Subways With Casino DollarsMetro News
01/06/2013 Funding Public Transit With Casino RevenueCTV
01/06/2013 Funding Public Transit Without Increasing TaxesGlobal Toronto
01/06/2013 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Favours Building A Toronto CasinoIask
01/06/2013 AM640: Transit Funding TrifectaAM640
01/06/2013 Right-wing Advocacy Group Says Toronto Can Fund Subways With Casino DollarsToronto Star
01/06/2013 T.O. Taxpayer Coalition Supports Casino In Order To Build Subways680 News
01/06/2013 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Recommends Casino For TorontoAM 640
01/06/2013 Right-wing Group Calling For Toronto Casino To Pay For SubwaysNewstalk 1010
12/18/2012 Cho Acclaimed As PC Candidate For Scarborough-Rouge RiverInside Toronto
11/28/2012 Toronto Plastic Bag Ban On Hold Indefinitely Until Lawsuits SettledNational Post
11/28/2012 Bag Ban Overturned, Shopping Bylaw UnchangedCP24
11/27/2012 Toronto Bag Ban Faces Legal Challenges From Activists, IndustryAFPBB
11/20/2012 Plastics Group Suing City Over Bag BanToronto Star
11/20/2012 Toronto Faces Lawsuits Over Plastic Shopping Bag BanAFP
11/19/2012 Toronto Councillor Report Cards Right On The MoneyToronto Sun
11/19/2012 City Hall Receives Annual Report Card From Taxpayers CoalitionGlobal Toronto
11/18/2012 Doug Ford Defends ‘Workaholic’ Mayor BrotherMetro News
11/18/2012 Report Card Day At City HallCTV
11/18/2012 The Marks Are In For Toronto CouncilCBC
11/18/2012 Toronto City Council Report Card: No Gold StarsCityTV
11/18/2012 Councillor Doug Ford Defends His ‘Workaholic’ Mayor BrotherToronto Star
11/18/2012 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Says He Needs Another Term To Complete AgendaToronto Sun
11/18/2012 Newstalk1010: 2012 Report CardsNewstalk1010
11/18/2012 City Council Gets "C-Minus" From Toronto Taxpayers Coalition680 News
11/18/2012 City Council Gets "C-Minus" From Toronto Taxpayers CoalitionCityNews
11/18/2012 Taxpayers Coalition Hands Out Report Cards At City HallNewstalk 1010
11/18/2012 City Councillors Get Their GradesAM 640
11/17/2012 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Issues Councillors' Report CardsToronto Sun
11/16/2012 Toronto Plastic Bag Ban Faces Legal Challenge From Convenience Store GroupCTV
11/15/2012 Taxpayer Group Announces Legal Action On Bag BanCP24
11/15/2012 City Being Sued Over Bag BanAM 640
11/15/2012 Convenience Store Group Sues City Of Toronto Over 'Invalid' Plastic Bag BanNational Post
11/15/2012 City Of Toronto Faces Legal Action Over Bag BanToronto Star
10/30/2012 15 Toronto Agencies Look To Overturn Plastic Bag BanIask
10/29/2012 Toronto Retailers Want Plastic Bags Kept In Stores New Canadian
10/29/2012 Toronto Bag-Ban Critics Launch Protest CampaignCTV
10/29/2012 Bag Ban Protest Planned For City HallCityNews
10/29/2012 Group Launches Campaign To Reverse Plastic Bag Ban680 News
09/26/2012 James: Fords’ Slings And Arrows No Longer HarmToronto Star
09/17/2012 Stop Denying And Show The Proof, Mr. MayorGlobe And Mail
09/16/2012 CBC: Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Rules Mayor Ford OffsideCBC
09/16/2012 CTV: Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Rules Mayor Ford OffsideCTV
09/16/2012 Ford Slams MediaToronto Sun
09/16/2012 The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Says The Mayor Is OffsideAM 640
08/14/2012 Bill Hayes: Auditor General's Recommendations Ignored For 10 YearsNewstalk 1010
07/09/2012 Stintz Reverses On Her Own TTC Scarborough PlanToronto Sun
06/27/2012 One City Plan Officially UnveiledNewstalk 1010
06/06/2012 Competition Bureau Challenge To Toronto's Plastic Bag Fee Sun News Network
05/29/2012 Taxpayers' Group Challenges Toronto's Bag Fee BylawScarborough Mirror
05/29/2012 CityTV: Competition Bureau Challenge To Toronto's Plastic Bag Fee CityTV
05/29/2012 Plastic Bag Fee Called "Illegal": Toronto Taxpayers CoalitionIask
05/28/2012 Councillors Shrug Off Bag Fee ChallengeToronto Sun
05/28/2012 Jim Richards Showgram: Bag Fee ComplaintNewstalk 1010
05/28/2012 Plastic Bag Fee 'Illegal': Toronto Taxpayers CoalitionCityNews
05/27/2012 Advocacy Group Says Toronto’s 5-cent Bag Tax IllegalMetro News
05/27/2012 Toronto's 5-Cent Bag Tax Illegal, Says Advocacy GroupToronto Star
05/27/2012 Taxpayer Group Takes On Bag TaxToronto Sun
04/25/2012 Colle And Friends Chin Wag: LevyToronto Sun
03/29/2012 LRT/Subway Robocalls A MysteryMy Town Crier
03/16/2012 Toronto Transit: Councillor Says Robocalls Targeting Him For Supporting LRTToronto Star
03/16/2012 Robocalls Target Matlow's LRT SupportToronto Sun
03/15/2012 TTC Chair Faces Opposition Over Scarborough LRT PlanHumber Et Cetera
03/09/2012 Frustrated Residents Debate Subways In ScarboroughAM 640
03/09/2012 Residents Tell TTC Chair 'Subways Or Nothing'CTV
03/09/2012 Scarborough Residents Send Strong Pro-Subway Message To TTC ChairScarborough Mirror
03/09/2012 Scarborough Wants SubwaysWomen's Post
03/09/2012 TTC Chair Jeered At Scarborough MeetingCBC
03/09/2012 CityTV: Reaction To Transit TownhallCityTV
03/09/2012 Karen Stintz Jeered At Transit Meeting With Scarborough ResidentsNational Post
03/08/2012 CityTV: Save The Subways Scarborough Transit TownhallCityTV
03/08/2012 CBC: Save The Subways Scarborough Transit TownhallCBC
03/08/2012 Global Toronto: Save The Subways Scarborough Transit TownhallGlobal Toronto
03/08/2012 CP24: Save The Subways Scarborough Transit TownhallCP24
03/08/2012 Subway The Clear Choice At Loud Scarborough Transit MeetingToronto Star
03/08/2012 CTV News: Save The Subways Scarborough Transit TownhallCTV
03/08/2012 SAY News: Transit TownhallSAY News
03/08/2012 Transit Discussed At Townhall In ScarboroughCP24
03/07/2012 Pair Of Scarborough Transit Meetings Set For ThursdayScarborough Mirror
03/07/2012 TTC Chair Karen Stintz, Subway Booster Gordon Chong To Debate Subways And LRTsToronto Star
03/06/2012 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Submits Subway Petition To Opposition Leader Tim HudakGlobal Toronto
03/02/2012 Fairchild TV: Save The SubwaysFairchild TV
02/28/2012 After One Week, 3,000 Signatures To Save The SubwaysMing Pao
02/27/2012 Mayor to preem: 'Political suicide' to scrap my transit planToronto Sun
02/27/2012 "Save The Subways" Campaign LaunchedCorriere Canadese
02/26/2012 Global Toronto: Save The Subways Advertising CampaignGlobal Toronto
02/26/2012 Group launches 'Save The Subways' campaignCityNews
02/26/2012 CTV News: Save The Subways Advertising CampaignCTV
02/26/2012 Taxpayers for subways?Toronto Sun
02/26/2012 'Save the Subways' campaign launched with rallyCP24
02/26/2012 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition launches ad campaign for "Save the Subways"680 News
02/26/2012 Poster campaign urges public to 'save the subways'CBC
02/26/2012 Taxpayers Coalition Launches Ad Campaign To 'Save The Subways' AM 640
02/21/2012 Toronto Should Build Subways, Says Taxpayers Coalition PetitionInfo 51
02/21/2012 Taxpayers Coalition Announces Petition Calling On McGuinty To Support The Construction Of SubwaysSing Tao
02/20/2012 CTV News: Save The Subways Petition LaunchedCTV
02/20/2012 New Petition To Save SubwaysNewstalk 1010
02/20/2012 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Launches Petition To Save SubwaysAM 640
01/31/2012 Jerry Agar: Labour Pains EventNewstalk 1010
01/12/2012 Jerry Agar: Union Bosses CommercialNewstalk 1010
11/21/2011 Moore In The Morning: 2011 Council Report CardsNewstalk 1010
11/21/2011 T.O. Council Gets a C+ In Taxpayer Report CardToronto Sun
11/21/2011 Taxpayers Coalition Gives Mayor Ford a "B" GradeNewstalk 1010
11/21/2011 Group Pushes For Lower TaxesToronto Sun
09/20/2011 CBC's Here And Now: Core Services Review DeputationCBC Radio
09/19/2011 Executive Committee Deputation September 19th, 2011Rogers TV
09/19/2011 A Look Inside Marathon Budget Battle: Round 2National Post
09/19/2011 The Public Descends On Toronto City Hall To Have Their SayGlobe And Mail
09/19/2011 CITY HALL: Committee Hearing Hundreds Of DeputationsInside Toronto
09/16/2011 Low-Tax Advocate Wins Lunch With Doug FordToronto Star
09/16/2011 Taxpayers Coalition Contest Winners AnnouncedToronto Sun
09/13/2011 Margaret Atwood Beats Doug Ford As Most Desired PrizeToronto Star
08/30/2011 CBC's Here And Now: Essay ContestCBC Radio
08/30/2011 Win Lunch With Dougie FordMetro News
08/29/2011 Atwood Or Doug Ford: Who Would You Rather Dine With?Globe And Mail
08/29/2011 Atwood And Ford Battle For Title Of Best Lunch CompanionNational Post
08/29/2011 Want Dinner With Doug Ford? There's A Contest For That...680 News
08/29/2011 Jim Richards Showgram: Lower Taxes Essay ContestNewstalk 1010
08/29/2011 Tax Essay Can Win You Free LunchToronto Sun
08/29/2011 Talk Taxes And Win a Lunch With Doug FordNewstalk 1010
08/29/2011 Win lunch with Doug Ford!Toronto Star
08/17/2011 City Property Tax Rate Could Soar 34%CN Stock
08/14/2011 Josh Matlow's The City: Tax Hike WarningNewstalk 1010
08/13/2011 Ted Wolyshyn: Pizza Style Service DeliveryNewstalk 1010
08/11/2011 Toronto Property Taxes May Increase Up To 34%New Star Net
08/08/2011 Coalition Fears 34% Property Tax Hike If Council Can't Find CutsIask
08/07/2011 Coalition Warns Of 34% Tax Hike Unless City Cuts CostsCityNews
08/07/2011 Ben Mercer: 34% Tax Hike WarningNewstalk 1010
08/07/2011 Coalition: Cut Away Or Expect Big Tax HikeNewstalk 1010
07/29/2011 Jerry Agar Show: Scrap The Fair Wage PolicyNewstalk 1010
07/28/2011 They Came In The Hundreds: City Hall Meeting Swamped With Talk On Budget CutsNational Post
07/28/2011 Arlene Bynon Show: Scrap The Fair Wage PolicyAM 640
06/03/2011 Jim Richards Showgram: No Subsidies For Professional Sports TeamsNewstalk 1010
02/09/2011 Holyday says city could save $16MToronto Sun
01/20/2011 Budget Talks Continue - Outside of City HallNewstalk 1010
01/20/2011 Moore In The Morning: Private Garbage CollectionNewstalk 1010
01/19/2011 Have Your City Budget SayAM 640
01/19/2011 Budget committee wants to hear from the publicToronto Sun
12/14/2010 Scrapping The T.O. Car Tax24 Hours
12/13/2010 Battle to scrap the car tax heats upToronto Sun

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