Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Press Releases

07/08/2014 Disaster Planning - What Are Mayoral Candidates Promising?
01/14/2014 Soknacki's LRT Plan Disappointing, says Toronto Taxpayers Coalition
01/13/2014 Amalgamation Report Supports Toronto Taxpayers Coalition's 2013 Findings
12/19/2013 Recent Poll Confirms Taxpayers Coalition Stance
09/26/2013 City Plays Musical Chairs With Taxpayers' Money
07/29/2013 Coalition Kicks Off Social Media Campaign Highlighting Adam Vaughan's Lies
07/28/2013 Adam Vaughan Is A Liar: Toronto Taxpayers Coalition
07/28/2013 Adam Vaughan Is A Liar: Toronto Taxpayers Coalition
07/25/2013 Adam Vaughan Must Apologize For Another Likely Breach Of Code Of Conduct
07/19/2013 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition To Take City To Ontario Municipal Board
07/10/2013 Councillors Vaughan, Layton Guilty Of Violating Code of Conduct
07/09/2013 John Tory To Moderate Etobicoke-Lakeshore All Candidates Byelection Debate
07/03/2013 Taxpayers Coalition Forces Council To Revisit Councillor Reduction
06/19/2013 Bag Ban Backlash Rules The Day
06/02/2013 Taxpayers Coalition Slams Councillors' Junket to Vancouver
05/29/2013 Former Mayor David Miller Reaches From Political Grave To Cost Taxpayers $55 Million
04/09/2013 Complaints Filed Against Adam Vaughan, Mike Layton With Integrity Commissioner
04/08/2013 Adam Vaughan, Mike Layton Violate Code of Conduct: Toronto Taxpayers Coalition
03/28/2013 Taxpayers Coalition Condemns Liberal Government
03/28/2013 Sunshine List Turns Up Shocking Figures
03/19/2013 Taxpayers Coalition Wants To Close "Licence To Lobby" Loophole
01/24/2013 TTC Favours By-Election Over Appointment If Ford Removed From Office
01/15/2013 David Miller Spent $1 Billion More Than Rob Ford: Taxpayers Coalition
01/06/2013 Casino Would Be A Cornerstone To A $400 Million Subway Expansion Plan
11/15/2012 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Announces Plans To Challenge Bag Ban Bylaw
10/29/2012 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Wants To
09/16/2012 Coalition Rules Mayor Ford Offside
06/04/2012 Price Fixing Complaints Growing: 216 Residents File Complaint With Competition Bureau
05/27/2012 Bag Fee Called "illegal": Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Files Competition Bureau Complaint Against City Of Toronto
04/25/2012 Coalition Pens Open Letter To Centrist Councillors
03/16/2012 Taxpayers Coalition Denies Knowledge Of Robocall Threat To Councillor Matlow
03/11/2012 Taxpayers Coalition Uses Robocalls To Fight For Subways
03/08/2012 Is Robo-Raymond Cho Misleading Scarborough Voters?
03/07/2012 Taxpayers Coalition Hosts Debate Between Stintz And Chong In Scarborough
02/26/2012 Taxpayers Coalition Announces Advertising Campaign To Save The Subways
02/20/2012 Taxpayers Coalition Launches Petition in Support of Subways
01/30/2012 Labour Pains Event
11/21/2011 Taxpayers Coalition Issues 2011 Council Report Cards
10/24/2011 Taxpayers Coalition Applauds Contract For Garbage Collection
09/15/2011 Lunch With Ford, Levy, Levant And Coren Winners Announced
08/29/2011 Taxpayers Coalition Launches Essay Contest on Lower Taxes
08/07/2011 Taxpayers Coalition Warning: 34% Tax Hike Coming!
07/28/2011 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition To Make Deputation To Scrap Fair Wage Policy
06/15/2011 Hockey Boondoggle Idea Dead
06/13/2011 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition amendment says NO to sports subsidies
06/03/2011 Rookie Councillor Sent To Penalty Box For Gambling on Pro Sports with Taxpayers Money
05/17/2011 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Welcomes Expansion Of Private Garbage Pickup
02/07/2011 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Launches Petition On Garbage Privatization
01/31/2011 Third Anniversary Of Toronto's Land Transfer Tax
01/19/2011 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition: Contract Out Garbage Pickup
01/18/2011 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition To Make Public Presentation At Budget Consultation Meeting
12/16/2010 Toronto Taxpayer Coalition Applauds City Council For Repealing The Car Tax
12/13/2010 Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Urges City Councillors To PUT BRAKES ON THE CAR TAX

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