Taxpayers Coalition Launches Stop Chow Now Campaign


Yesterday, Toronto Taxpayers Coalition unveiled their latest project, the Stop Chow Now campaign. The group placed lawn signs around Toronto to coincide with thousands of letters mailed to supporters announcing the campaign and the launch of its website,

The campaign takes a look at Olivia Chow’s track record as a City Councillor and as a Member of Parliament, and closely examines her mayoral platform. The conclusion drawn is that Olivia Chow’s policies would be ruinous for the City and her record backs it up.

“Toronto residents are very concerned about what an Olivia Chow administration would mean for taxation in Toronto” said Matthew McGuire, president of the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition.

The website breaks down her record and platform into seven categories:

The coalition cautions that although Olivia Chow is a distant 3rd place in public polling, former mayor David Miller was polling in the single digits at Labour Day during the election that ultimately swept him to power.

The grassroots effort is funded by individuals and small-business owners offering private donations that average around $82 each. Interested parties can contribute online or via cheque by visiting

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is a non-partisan advocate for the municipal taxpayer, supporting lower taxes, less waste, and responsible spending.

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Disaster Planning – What Are Mayoral Candidates Promising?


On the one year anniversary of a storm that caused extensive damage throughout the city, Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is asking mayoral candidates how they would prepare to better deal with such a disaster in the future.

“The July 8th flood was the first in a series of weather related events that hit Toronto in 2013,” coalition president Matthew McGuire asked. “We want to know: How will each candidate prepare for such a disaster in the future?”

The first July storm cost the city almost $65 million, according to city staff. A second storm followed a few weeks later, and an ice storm brought the city to its knees in late December.

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Taxpayers Coalition To Executive Committee: Take A Pass On Pay Hike


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is hoping that the city’s Executive Committee votes down the latest expensive pay hike for city councillors.

“Last year, city council’s salaries went up by 1.5%. The year before, it was 3%,” said Toronto Taxpayers Coalition president Matthew McGuire. “City councillors in Toronto are currently paid over $100,000 a year. That’s far more than most Torontonians could ever hope to make.”

McGuire pointed out that many people, including Councillor Michael Thompson, feel that approving this pay hike would be a terrible precedent ahead of negotiations between public sector unions and the city. Nothing would stop unions from demanding similar or higher increases.

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Taxpayers on the hook for professional hand-holder study


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition reacted with shock and a little bit of sadness to news that Toronto City Council would be spending $100,000 of taxpayer money to study the possibility of employing Transport Assistance Personnel (TAPs) to stand at crosswalks in downtown Toronto and remind pedestrians to finish crossing the street before the light changes.

“It’s rare that we come across an idea that is this bad,” observed Toronto Taxpayers Coalition president Matt McGuire. “This would be one. Research is always important, but at the end of the day, what is the best they could come up with? That we need someone to literally nanny us across the street?”

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TDSB bureaucrats fired for spending spree that included $150 pencil sharpener


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition was pleased to hear that Toronto District School Board officials who overcharged taxpayers for maintenance projects have been fired and that the overall budget will be cut by several million dollars, but remain concerned that the culture of overspending will continue.

“Punishing these money-wasters and reducing the size of the budget is a good example to set for our children,” said Taxpayers Coalition president Matthew McGuire. “However, the TDSB continues to act after the fact when it comes to wasteful spending.”

In addition to the infamous $150 pencil sharpener, officials spent upwards of $70,000 to repaint one school and spent almost $4000 to change clocks for daylight savings time. The expenses were found in work order documents obtained by CTV News.

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