The marks are in!

We've been keeping an eye on your city council, monitoring the key votes worth millions of dollars, and examining where your elected officials stand on the issues. Here is what we found:

As a whole, we gave city council a grade of C-. City Council has become even more dysfunctional over the past year, but still manages to produce some good decisions that survive the rhetoric and bad judgment. Labour agreements, contracting out cleaning services, spending reductions, and eliminating the plastic bag fee stand out as the highlights of this year.

You can download every report card in a single file, or view individual report cards below.

0Mayor of TorontoRob FordB
1Etobicoke NorthVincent CrisantiB+
2Etobicoke NorthDoug FordB+
3Etobicoke CentreDoug HolydayA+
4Etobicoke CentreGloria Lindsay LubyB-
5Etobicoke-LakeshorePeter MilczynA
6Etobicoke-LakeshoreMark GrimesA-
7York WestGiorgio MammolitiB+
8York WestAnthony PerruzzaF
9York CentreMaria AugimeriD
10York CentreJames PasternakB
11York South-WestonFrances NunziataA
12York South-WestonFrank Di GiorgioB+
13Parkdale-High ParkSarah DoucetteC-
14Parkdale-High ParkGord PerksF
15Eglinton-LawrenceJosh ColleC-
16Eglinton-LawrenceKaren StintzB-
17DavenportCesar PalacioA+
18DavenportAna BailãoC
19Trinity-SpadinaMike LaytonC
20Trinity-SpadinaAdam VaughanF
21St. Paul'sJoe MihevcF
22St. Paul'sJosh MatlowB-
23WillowdaleJohn FilionD+
24WillowdaleDavid ShinerB
25Don Valley WestJaye RobinsonB+
26Don Valley WestJohn ParkerB
27Toronto Centre-RosedaleKristyn Wong-TamC+
28Toronto Centre-RosedalePam McConnellF
29Toronto-DanforthMary FragedakisF
30Toronto-DanforthPaula FletcherF
31Beaches-East YorkJanet DavisF
32Beaches-East YorkMary-Margaret McMahonC-
33Don Valley EastShelley CarrollF
34Don Valley EastDenzil Minnan-WongA+
35Scarborough SouthwestMichelle BerardinettiB-
36Scarborough SouthwestGary CrawfordA-
37Scarborough CentreMichael ThompsonB+
38Scarborough CentreGlenn De BaeremaekerC
39Scarborough-AgincourtMike Del GrandeA
40Scarborough-AgincourtNorm KellyA
41Scarborough-Rouge RiverChin LeeD+
42Scarborough-Rouge RiverRaymond ChoF
43Scarborough EastPaul AinslieA
44Scarborough EastRon MoeserF

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