Don't let public sector union bosses control City Hall

Union bosses are demanding more of your hard-earned money to pad their salaries and keep the jobs-for-life provision in their contracts. They want pay hikes and cushy pensions and they want you to pay more taxes. Don't you wish somebody would stand up to public sector union bosses and their greedy demands?

All across the city, taxpayers have had to make some difficult choices when times get tough. But public sector union bosses have never had to make these choices. They expect you to make these choices to pay the higher taxes required to pad their salaries.

Don't let public sector union bosses take over your City Hall

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is going to Take Back Toronto. We have a series of hard hitting commercials we're going to air on television.

We're going to put these commercials on TV, but we need your help.

We rely on private donations from people like you. Please make a donation to help us keep this commercial on the air. We can save Toronto millions of dollars by exposing the city's unions for what they are.

Please make a donation to the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition to help us keep these commercials on the air and Take Back Toronto.

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