The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is your voice to advocate for lower taxes, accountable government, and responsible spending at city hall and the school boards. For years, our leadership team has heard people like you express their frustration with our municipal politicians.

In 2010, we finally had enough. We decided to launch the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition to keep watch over our city so you can sleep sound at night.


After months of preparation, we launched our offensive against wasteful spending and high taxes. Our first target was the Vehicle Registration Tax – a $60 fee payable at the time you renew your licence plates. We wrote to the new council, gathered our members, and watched the debate on the motion to terminate the tax from the gallery at the council chambers. The result: the tax was eliminated by a vote of 39-6.

We received positive media attention for our efforts and boosted our membership numbers, having gained credibility with taxpayers all over the city. Now, the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is working on ways to build our organization, increase our influence, and convince council to find more savings and lower our taxes to create a more affordable Toronto for everybody.

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The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is independent of any institutional or partisan affiliations. Donations to the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition are not deductible as a charitable contribution.