Members of our advisory board provide strategic advice but do not fully endorse all views of Toronto Taxpayers Coalition.

Matthew McGuire

Matthew McGuire founded the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition in 2010 after over a decade of political advocacy and community organizing. He served as coalition president through to June 2015. He is an accomplished programmer analyst in the private sector. Matthew is a small business owner and enjoys playing guitar in his spare time.

Steve Lafleur

Steve Lafleur is a public policy analyst with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, an independent think tank based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His primary research interests are housing and land use policies, transportation and infrastructure, criminal justice policy, immigration, inter-governmental fiscal relations, and municipal finances. His work has been featured in most Canadian newspapers including the Toronto Star and the National Post, and he is a contributing editor to New Geography where he writes about urban issues. He makes frequent television and radio appearances to comment on policy issues, and his work has been cited by organizations as diverse as the Reason Foundation and the Partnership for a New American Economy. He holds a BA in Political Science from Laurentian University (2008), and an MA in Political Science from Wilfrid Laurier University (2010).