Andrea Micieli - President (on Leave of Absence)

Andrea Micieli joined the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition in 2012, after deciding to become more directly involved in championing the rights and interests of taxpayers at a local level. She has been serving as President of the coalition since June 2015. Andrea has several years experience as a volunteer and staffer for municipal, provincial, and federal candidates and elected officials in Toronto and across Ontario. She is well-known for her political skills in strategic communications and community outreach. Andrea has been a resident of North York for over 7 years, and holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto. Andrea values political engagement that focuses grassroots advocacy, and looks forward to highlighting this at a municipal level with the Coalition.

Josh Lieblein - Research Coordinator

Josh Lieblein has been volunteering with Toronto Taxpayers Coalition since 2011 and accepted an offer to become Research Coordinator in 2013. With a history of volunteering for federal, municipal, and provincial candidates, and on the teams of leadership candidates, Josh brings with him a wide-ranging network of people and experiences. Josh was a founding member of GTA Tory, a website that lists upcoming events that are of interest to small-c conservatives in the Greater Toronto Area. Josh regularly contributes to The Megaphone, a group blog for The Rebel Media in Canada.

Renée Bursey - Administrative Assistant

Renée Bursey has been enthusiastically involved with Toronto Taxpayers Coalition since 2011. Renee was appointed to the position of Administrative Assistant ahead of the essay contest asking the question "Lower taxes are good for Toronto because...." Renee is currently a student working on her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Ryerson University. She plans on expanding her studies to the University of Paris Dauphine in 2013 for six months and is bilingual in both English and French. Renee was born in Toronto and has been a lifetime resident of North York where she currently resides. Besides volunteering with the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition, she also holds two part time jobs while managing school.