‘Save the Subways’ campaign launched with rally

A taxpayer advocacy group is calling on the province to ignore the will of city council and forge ahead with Mayor Rob Ford’s subway building plan.

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is holding a rally near Yonge St. and St. Clair Avenue this afternoon to launch their “Save the Subways” campaign.

The campaign will see advertisements touting the benefits of subways over LRTs placed on city busses in Scarborough, Etobicoke and North York.

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Toronto Taxpayers Coalition launches ad campaign for “Save the Subways”


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is making an attempt to come to the rescue of Mayor Rob Ford’s transit vision.

The coalition launched an ad campaign on Sunday to support their “Save the Subways” campaign, designed to promote Ford’s plan for a subway as opposed to a new LRT system.

The ads will run on city buses in Scarborough, Etobicoke and North York promoting the online petition found here.


Poster campaign urges public to ‘save the subways’


A new ad campaign seeks to get Torontonians to “save the subways.”

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition says it intends to run ads on city buses this week in North York, Etobicoke and Scarborough that cite the reasons why subways “are better” than light-rail transit.

“All evidence shows that in the long run, subways are far cheaper than LRT, they carry more people faster and they spur economic development,” Matthew McGuire, the group’s president, told CBC News in a interview on Sunday.

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Toronto Should Build Subways, Says Taxpayers Coalition Petition


Toronto Taxpayers Coalition has launched a petition to Save The Subways in Toronto.

The purpose of the petition is to ask Premier Dalton McGuinty to hold a free vote in the provincial legislature on how the $8.4 billion earmarked for Toronto’s transit expansion will be spent. “Subways are far cheaper in the long term, they move more people faster, and they spur economic development,” said Matthew McGuire of the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition. They believe that MPPs would vote in favour of subways in a free vote in the legislature.

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Taxpayers Coalition Announces Petition Calling On McGuinty To Support The Construction Of Subways


Toronto Taxpayers Coalition president Matthew McGuire announced Monday the launch of a petition to support investing significant money to expand subways in Toronto.

The petition calls on Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty to allow a free vote so Toronto MPPs can express the will of the people by voting in favour of subways. The petition will be launched at www.SaveTheSubways.com on Tuesday.

McGuire said, “The Premier must know the obvious, that MPPs are elected by residents of Toronto too. The mayor had his say, and city council had their say. We want to see a free vote in the legislature so that MPPs can express the will of their residents, who are in favour of subways.”

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New Petition To Save Subways


A new petition to save subways in the city has been launched by the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition.

Their president, Matthew McGuire says starting Tuesday people can go to www.SaveTheSubways.com to put in their two cents and sign a petition.

It calls on Premier Dalton McGuinty to allow for a free vote in the provincial legislature so Toronto MPP’s can express the will of their constituents.

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Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Launches Petition To Save Subways


The battle over subways continues to wage.

Matthew McGuire, President of the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition, is launching a petition called “Save The Subways”.

McGuire says the issue should become a provincial matter, because as it stands, only Toronto city councillors have had a say, while elected Toronto MPP’s, have yet to have their chance.

The petition is launching a day before the GM of the TTC is to be reportedly fired.