T.O. Council Gets a C+ In Taxpayer Report Card


Mayor Rob Ford is no A student.

In a grading by the The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition, Ford’s city council earned a C+ when it comes to respecting taxpayers.

In a bid to put Ford’s mantra of “respect for taxpayers” back in the spotlight at City Hall, the coalition is mailing out report cards to each member of city council this week.

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Taxpayers Coalition Gives Mayor Ford a “B” Grade


When it comes to respecting taxpayers and their hard earned money, Toronto city council gets a C-plus.

That’s from the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition which has done a report card on council, the mayor and each city councillor.

Mayor Ford gets a grade of B and Doug Ford gets a B-minus. Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday gets an A-plus, so does Denzil Minnan-Wong and John Parker.

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Group Pushes For Lower Taxes


Who is the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition?

The one-year old coalition claims to be a non-partisan advocate for lower taxes and reduced city spending.

Funded by paid memberships and private donations, the group claims to have a few hundred members from across the city.

“We’re people who support fiscally conservative ideas,” said coalition president Matthew McGuire.

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A Look Inside Marathon Budget Battle: Round 2


Democracy in a rush?

With 361 people registered to address the executive committee, and Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti claiming that one-quarter had already spoken at least once on budget cuts, Mayor Ford’s allies voted to limit speaking times to two minutes for the public and three minutes for politicians (down from five). That caused some to grumble that the process was “democracy in a rush,” a claim that the Mayor emphatically rejected. “How much more democratic can we be? I think this is our tenth meeting, including committee meetings. We’ve been out in their backyards. We’ve been to Etobicoke, Scarborough, 25% are the same people coming back,” he told reporters. At the last marathon meeting, in July, the executive pushed through the night to finish in time for the long weekend. This week, they have to be done in time for a council meeting on Wednesday.

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