The Public Descends On Toronto City Hall To Have Their Say


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford put on a show of strength, marshalling his “team” of councillors behind him to face the press as he began the tricky task of building support for his cost-cutting agenda.

The mayor kicked off a marathon meeting of his executive committee Monday pledging to protect library branches, snow clearing and street cleaning from the budget axe and saying he believes the city needs more affordable daycare spaces, but cannot foot the bill alone.

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CITY HALL: Committee Hearing Hundreds Of Deputations


Meeting to extend into the night

Mayor Rob Ford said that library branches, driveway windrow clearing and snow are safe from the chopping block as he sat down Monday to listen to deputations on Toronto’s controversial core services review.

“I never ever said we were closing the libraries – I said we’re going to find efficiencies,” Ford told reporters. “I never ever said we were closing libraries and we’re not. I never said I want to get rid of windrows. We’re not getting rid of windrows. We’re not cutting snow clearing. You didn’t hear it from me.”

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Low-Tax Advocate Wins Lunch With Doug Ford


Four city residents who want lower taxes in Toronto have won the chance to make their cases to some of Toronto’s most outspoken citizens.

The Toronto Taxpayers coalition sent out a call for essays or videos that explain the benefit of lower taxes in a contest that mirrors on created by the Toronto Public Library Workers’ Union. They announced the winners Thursday after receiving 250 submissions.

“By paying less taxes, we can spread the money amongst financially responsible tax payers and spread out that responsibility to make our individual lives better,” wrote Anna Tsui in the short essay that got her the chance to eat with the mayor’s brother, Councillor Doug Ford.

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Taxpayers Coalition Contest Winners Announced


The winners of the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition essay contest on why lower taxes are good for Toronto have been announced.

The four winners will lunch with one of four political figures in the city.

More than 250 people submitted their work online and they were judged by a Toronto Taxpayers Coalition advisory board.

“People are really concerned about the ticking tax time bomb situation at City Hall,” said Coalition president Matthew McGuire. “These submissions echo what we’ve been saying all along, curbing spending and reducing taxes will help people living in poverty and the tightly-squeezed middle class and it will create jobs for Torontonians.”

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Margaret Atwood Beats Doug Ford As Most Desired Prize


The winners of two competing political essay contests won’t be announced until later this week, but in the battle between the contests themselves, we have a champion.

It could be that more people in Toronto love libraries than hate taxes. Or maybe they love Margaret Atwood more than Doug Ford.

Either way, the Toronto Public Library Workers Union’s “Why My Library Matters to Me” challenge drew more than twice as many entries as the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition’s rival “Lower taxes are good for Toronto because…” contest.

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Win Lunch With Dougie Ford


Hoping to “raise awareness of the benefits of lower taxes,” the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition has launched an online essay contest with Coun. Doug Ford as the grand prize.

The entry must start with: “Lower taxes are good for Toronto because ___.” Alternatively, contestants can submit a two-minute video entry to qualify.

The taxpayer coalition contest is a dig at the Toronto Public Library Workers Union, which last week unveiled their own, Why My Library Matters to Me contest. The prize: quality time with Margaret Atwood or one of nine other authors.

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Atwood Or Doug Ford: Who Would You Rather Dine With?


Two clashing groups have launched competitions within days of each other to give Torontonians a shot at dining with Doug Ford or Margaret Atwood.

The latest contest, announced by the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition on Monday, has a grand prize of lunching with Mr. Ford, city councillor and brother of the mayor.

To enter, contestants need to finish the sentence, “Lower taxes are good for Toronto because…” in an essay under 500 words or a two-minute video.

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Atwood And Ford Battle For Title Of Best Lunch Companion


Lunch with Margaret Atwood? How about lunch with Doug Ford?

Just days after the launch of a “why the library matters to me” contest — the winning prize of which is lunch with a celebrated author, such as Ms. Atwood — a group called the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition has issued its own challenge. Residents are invited to write essays that start with the phrase “Lower taxes are good for Toronto because…”.

Contestants can also submit a two-minute video at Winners get a chance to have lunch with Councillor Doug Ford, or Sun Media columnist Sue-Ann Levy.

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