Tax Essay Can Win You Free Lunch


It’s a tale of two lunch dates.

Days after the Toronto Public Library union launched My Public Library Matters to Me Contest which offers lunch dates with Canadian authors as prizes, the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is offering up its own contest.

Announced on Monday, the coalition’s essay contest prize is a free lunch with Councillor Doug Ford or Toronto Sun City Hall columnist Sue-Ann Levy.

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Talk Taxes And Win a Lunch With Doug Ford


If you explain why the city is better off with lower taxes, you could be going to lunch with Councillor Doug Ford.

That’s the prize for the Toronto Taxpayer’s Coalition essay and video competition it announced today.

It wants residents to complete this sentence: “Lower taxes are good for Toronto because _______.”

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Win lunch with Doug Ford!


If you had to pick, would it be a meal with Margaret Atwood or a lunch date with Doug Ford?

You have a chance at both thanks to duelling essay contests being hosted by Toronto’s library union and now the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition.

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City Property Tax Rate Could Soar 34%

Olivia Chow opens campaign office promises more after school programs

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition has issued a warning that property taxes could increase up to 34% if city council is unable to find spending cuts. Coalition president Matthew McGuire said, “It’s a ticking tax time-bomb. If spending is not curbed, homeowners face a potential tax increase of more than a third, and tenants will be hit with a nearly 10% rent increase.” The coalition was accused of fear-mongering, but McGuire pointed out the calculation was made using city numbers. He pointed out that a 1% property tax increase would raise $22.6 million in revenue, and noted the $774 million budget shortfall could be made up with a 34% property tax increase.

Toronto Property Taxes May Increase Up To 34%


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has introduced a cost-cutting plan that is under intense criticism by left-wing groups and councillors. Ford has reportedly received three death threats since he has revealed his plan. Potential service cuts have found both defenders and detractors, but question nobody has yet been able to answer: If spending is not curbed, how will city council deal with the huge budgetary shortfall?

Statistics from the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition, calculated using figures from the City of Toronto, show that the $774 million gap could be filled by increasing residential property taxes by 34%. Tenants would not be off the hook either, facing a likely 10% rent hike as a result.

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Coalition Fears 34% Property Tax Hike If Council Can’t Find Cuts


As Toronto’s city council debates over whether or not to cut services, the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is warning that if council is unable to curb spending, Toronto homeowners face a property tax hike of up to 34%.

Coalition president Matthew McGuire said “It’s a ticking-tax time bomb. Homeowners face a potential tax increase of more than a third, and tenants will be hit with a nearly 10% rent increase.”

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