Gardiner Expy. on road to ruin


Big Daddy needs some new legs.

Each day, more than 110,000 vehicles use the eastern extension of the Gardiner Expressway from Jarvis St. to the Don Valley Pkwy., creating more wear and tear as drivers crawl onto the highway or trickle out onto Lake Shore Blvd. E.

Nearly five decades since the “superhighway” was opened in 1964, sections of the connecting vein are crumbling and basketball-sized chunks of concrete are breaking off the elevated expressway farther west toward Spadina Ave.

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Conservatives turning away from Ford, too


Rob Ford has long railed against the liberal elites coalescing in a vast conspiracy to take him down. Now Ford could say the same thing about right-wing conservatives who are abandoning the mayor.

One thing seems clear after Monday’s events: both right- and left-wingers want Ford out of office, either temporarily or permanently.

The latest to distance themselves from the crack-smoking civic leader are Prime Minister Stephen Harper and provincial Conservative Leader Tim Hudak.

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Mayor Ford furious over $75K spent on city hall chairs

Olivia Chow opens campaign office promises more after school programs

Despite much belt-tightening at city hall, staff has spent $74,850 of taxpayers’ money on 30 chairs for a lounge, which has the mayor very upset.

Mayor Rob Ford said Friday the expense was “completely unacceptable” and that he “was taking care of it.”

Officials bought the chairs late last year to replace ones in the city hall members’ lounge, which is used for functions and private meetings.

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Rob Ford Says He Owes Torontonians Apology After City Spends $75,000 On 30 Chairs


An infuriated Mayor Rob Ford says he owes Torontonians an apology after it was revealed the city spent nearly $75,000 on chairs at City Hall.

The Toronto Sun broke the news Thursday night that didn’t sit well with the belt-tightening, penny-pinching, gravy train-hating mayor.

According to the Sun, taxpayers spent $74,850 to purchase 30 new chairs — at a cost of about $2,500 each — for the members’ lounge in City Hall. The room is apparently used to hold private council meetings and host city functions.

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Toronto government pays more than $72,000 for 30 chairs


A Toronto taxpayers’ group criticized the city government for spending more than $72,000 on 30 chairs for the City Hall lounge.

Natasha Hinds Fitzsimmins, an official with the Toronto government, said the chairs were purchased in late 2012 for about $2,422 each because the old Warren Platner chairs in the lounge — which is used to host city functions and private meetings between city councilors — were in a “bad state of disrepair,” the Toronto Sun reported Friday.

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Rob Ford ‘livid’ over $75,000 chair purchase at Toronto City Hall×240

The gravy train made a stop at Toronto City Hall and delivered 30 chairs at a cost of $75,000.

First reported by the Toronto Sun, the city purchased new chairs for the members’ lounge behind the council chamber at city hall. Made to be replicas of the original chairs, they cost $2,495 each for a total of $74,850 — paid for with tax dollars.

This is what a $2,495 device you plop your behind on looks like.

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