Group Pushes For Lower Taxes


Who is the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition?

The one-year old coalition claims to be a non-partisan advocate for lower taxes and reduced city spending.

Funded by paid memberships and private donations, the group claims to have a few hundred members from across the city.

“We’re people who support fiscally conservative ideas,” said coalition president Matthew McGuire.

He noted the coalition is the only group “advocating for the taxpayer.”

“There is really a big void that we have been trying to fill for the past year of groups on the right saying council is doing too much right now, it is unsustainable, you need to lower the tax burden, you need to reduce the cost of government,” he said.

Cutting the cost of government is the mindset of the “silent majority”, McGuire said.

“They haven’t been heard, we are trying to be the vehicle for them to get heard,” he said.

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