Mayor Ford furious over $75K spent on city hall chairs

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Despite much belt-tightening at city hall, staff has spent $74,850 of taxpayers’ money on 30 chairs for a lounge, which has the mayor very upset.

Mayor Rob Ford said Friday the expense was “completely unacceptable” and that he “was taking care of it.”

Officials bought the chairs late last year to replace ones in the city hall members’ lounge, which is used for functions and private meetings.

The city said the original Warren Platner chairs had been refurbished twice already and were in bad shape.

The new replica chairs cost $2,495 each.

Matthew McGuire of the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition said, “This is completely unacceptable.”

“Why is the city playing musical chairs with taxpayers’ money? … Rob Ford said he’s derailed the gravy train, but it’s clearly still chugging along.”

Ford said the person “that made the mistake is no longer with the city,” but declined to go into details.

He also said he wants the old chairs to be auctioned off to recoup some of the cost.

“We’re looking into auction companies that could take the chairs,” he said. “According to staff they do have historical value to them. Some of these chairs are worth $5,000-$6,000.”

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