Scrapping The T.O. Car Tax


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is urging city councillors to “put the brakes on the car tax” when they meet this Thursday.

Matthew McGuire, president of the coalition, issued an appeal to councillors Monday asking them to give Hogtown car owners a break by sending the “unfair tax” to the scrapheap.

“It is ultimately an unfair tax,” McGuire said. “It creates a disincentive to live in Toronto.”


Mayor Rob Ford’s executive committee last week voted to end the tax introduced during former mayor David Miller’s last term.

City staff estimated that killing the tax will cost the city $64 million in lost revenue, refunds and administrative costs next year.

Kevin Gaudet of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation encouraged council to “get ‘er done” on Thursday.

“I don’t think there is any doubt this was an ill-conceived tax in the first place,” Gaudet said.

CAA South Central Ontario has also applauded the plan to repeal the tax that is “unfairly penalizing car owners who live in the City of Toronto.”

Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday said he’s sure there are enough council votes to kill the tax but predicted “it’s still going to be a fight.”

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