Tax Essay Can Win You Free Lunch


It’s a tale of two lunch dates.

Days after the Toronto Public Library union launched My Public Library Matters to Me Contest which offers lunch dates with Canadian authors as prizes, the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is offering up its own contest.

Announced on Monday, the coalition’s essay contest prize is a free lunch with Councillor Doug Ford or Toronto Sun City Hall columnist Sue-Ann Levy.

It’s a twist on the Toronto Public Library Workers Union Local 4948′s offering of lunch with one of 11 prominent Canadian authors — including Margaret Atwood — to those who write essays about the importance of the city’s libraries.

The coalition’s “Fill in the Blanks” contest asks participants to pen an essay that starts with the phrase “Lower taxes are good for Toronto because …” Video essays two minutes in length will also be accepted.

One winner will get a lunch with Levy while another contest winner will break bread with Ford.

Coalition president Matt McGuire said the city is facing a ticking tax time bomb.

“The contest is a chance for taxpayers who believe in lower taxes to have their say,” McGuire said. “This is the opportunity for the silent majority to be heard.”

McGuire said he’s confident the silent majority supports lower taxes.

“Whether you live in a castle, a condo or a cul-du-sac, lower taxes benefit you,” he said.

Levy said she couldn’t resist accepting the coalition’s invitation to take part in the contest.

“It is a cheeky way of reminding people that the $774-million shortfall is very real and unless council is prepared to make hard choices, there will be a significant tax hike next year,” she said. “The unions, special interest groups and the friends of Margaret Atwood better start getting it through their thick heads that there are no more free lunches except for lunch with me.”

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