Taxpayers for subways?


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition (which goes by the acronym T.T.C.) is launching a Toronto Transit Commission (which also goes by the acronym TTC) ad campaign to urge people to sign a petition to Premier Dalton McGuinty on transit.

The pro-subway taxpayers coalition isn’t happy with city council’s decision earlier this month to revive LRT lines from the old Transit City plan (story on that meeting here). T.T.C. organizers are urging people to sign a petition to McGuinty demanding a free vote on the Legislature on transit.

The coalition says it will have ads explaining “why subways are better than LRTs” running on TTC vehicles in the suburbs.

Mayor Rob Ford – who wants to build subways and bury the Eglinton LRT in Scarborough – is expected to do a photo op with the group before his radio show today.

Why does a taxpayers group want the more expensive subways and a buried LRT line in Scarborough? The coalition claims subways will be “far cheaper” than LRTs in the long run.

Here are the ads:

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