Toronto taxpayers’ group targets Chow


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition wants to stop mayoral candidate Olivia Chow.

A “Stop Chow Now” campaign was launched this week by the organization that claims it is a “non-partisan advocate for the municipal taxpayer, supporting lower taxes, less waste, and responsible spending.”

Along with lawn signs and a website detailing Chow’s record, the group has also put a call out for donations to help fund the effort to block Chow from winning the mayor’s race.

“Toronto residents are very concerned about what an Olivia Chow administration would mean for taxation in Toronto,” coalition president Matthew McGuire stated in a press release Wednesday.

The Chow campaign dismissed the coalition’s effort.

“If this coalition had a shred of credibility, it would agree with Olivia that building more transit, faster, for cheaper in Scarborough makes sense,” said Chow spokesman Jamey Heath.

“Instead, they use cheap attacks designed to help candidates like John Tory and Rob Ford who think spending a billion dollars to build less transit, years later is wise.”

Both the Tory and Ford campaigns denied they had anything to do with the anti-Chow campaign.

Doug Ford – the mayor’s campaign manager – called the Stop Chow campaign “nonsense.”

“You know something I respect Olivia and so does Rob for one reason, you know where she’s coming from,” Ford said. “You don’t know where Tory is coming from – the guy dithers all over the place, he can’t make a decision and I have more respect for the politician, for Olivia Chow making a stance right or wrong, agree or disagree with her belief.

“As least you know where she’s coming from, she doesn’t flip-flop like Tory.”