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2009 Garbage Strike Are you getting good value for money from the Toronto Tansit Commission?  Blame politicians for their lack of focus.

In the past 10 years, each cash fare on the TTC has gone up by 75 cents, the cost of a token has increased by nearly a dollar, and riders pay almost $30 more for a Metropass. Yet subway cars have become more crowded and repairs are slow to non-existent. And even with all the fare increases, municipal politicians are still talking about a tax increase to pay for more transit!

Left-wing transit advocates complain that Toronto is being shortchanged by Queen’s Park and Ottawa. We say: If only the federal and especially the provincial government wasn’t wasting so much money, they could easily fund the shortfall!

The cost of Metrolinx’s “Big Move”- the transit strategy for the entire GTA- will amount to $2.5 billion by 2015. As big as that is, that’s not even 2% of Ontario’s most recent $130.4 billion budget. With the majority of the seats and votes in Ontario in the GTA, shouldn’t Queen’s Park place a higher priority on getting their financial house in order so they can literally put their money where their mouths are on the subject of Toronto transit?

And why do municipal politicians insist on nickel and diming TTC riders every year when they know the big money needs to come from elsewhere? Because they refuse to set priorities and find efficiencies.

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition calls for significant investment in our public transit infrastructure, starting with an aggressive expansion of Toronto’s subway network.