Adam Vaughan Is A Liar: Toronto Taxpayers Coalition


Toronto Taxpayers Coalition has come out and called Adam Vaughan “a liar”.

The coalition’s accusation stems from comments Vaughan made during a debate on Thursday July 18th at City Council. At the meeting, Adam Vaughan alleged the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition submitted a petition which included the signatures of people who “didn’t even exist”.

“Anyone who reviews the transcripts will come to the same conclusion – Adam Vaughan lied,” stated coalition president Matthew McGuire. “Adam Vaughan made a calculated decision to hide behind the protection granted by speaking during a council debate to tell several lies and avoid scrutiny from the Integrity Commissioner. Adam Vaughan is an out-and-out liar.”

McGuire said the coalition is fully aware of the gravity of accusing a city councillor of being “a liar”, and challenged Vaughan to sue the group if he thinks they are wrong.

“Adam Vaughan lied about the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition. We believe it’s important the public knows this.”

When asked if the group is targeting Vaughan, McGuire said “the opposite is true.”

“Adam Vaughan targeted our organization and everybody who signed our ward boundaries petition. It’s important the public record shows him as a liar. If he disagrees with us we welcome any action he wishes to take.”

“We are asking Adam Vaughan to apologize for his lies,” McGuire added.


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