Adam Vaughan Must Apologize For Another Likely Breach Of Code Of Conduct


Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is again calling on Councillor Adam Vaughan to apologize – this time for remarks he made on Thursday July 18th in the council chambers. Failing to do so, a Formal Complaint will be filed with the Office of the Integrity Commissioner.

During a debate on an item CC37.2 Petition to Redivide Ward Boundaries, Councillor Vaughan rose to vilify the membership-based community group that brought the item forward.

“During a council meeting, Councillor Vaughan accused us of having people who ‘didn’t even exist’ sign a petition. This is completely false and defamatory,” said coalition spokesman Matthew McGuire.

At the same meeting of council, a report from the Integrity Commissioner finding Adam Vaughan in violation of the Code of Conduct for earlier comments was adopted. That report stemmed from a formal complaint from McGuire, whom Vaughan had glared at in the public gallery several times during his council speech in a possible attempt to intimidate the activist.

The remarks upset many petitioners, several of whom contacted the group to ask about what options the coalition has. “Why would a City Councillor want to attack a group that promotes civic engagement?” asked one petitioner by email.

“Councillor Vaughan has a clear history of violating the ethical principles in the Code of Conduct he is expected to uphold,” McGuire said. “Councillors cannot bully residents. Councillors cannot accuse residents of fraudulently signing documents.”

“His conduct is unbecoming a member of council and we are asking him to do the right thing, to withdraw his remarks, and to issue a clear and unequivocal apology,” McGuire added.


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