Amalgamation Report Supports Toronto Taxpayers Coalition’s 2013 Findings


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition says it’s not surprised by a recent study which found that since amalgamation Ontario local governments have been getting bigger.

The analysis from Western University professor Timothy Cobban indicates government grew by 23.9% in the 15 years leading up to amalgamation from 1981-1996, while In the 15 years after amalgamation, government grew by a staggering 38.8%.

“This shows the answer to big government isn’t amalgamation, it’s determination”, says TTC spokesman Matthew McGuire. “Toronto needs elected leaders determined to cut costs, slash red tape and reduce the size and scope of government.”

McGuire also notes the study found that the merging of collective bargaining units put an upward pressure on compensation.

“This reinforces a Toronto Taxpayers Coalition study from last year which found a 30% increase in the number of Toronto employees on the Sunshine List over a single year,” says McGuire. “We’ve been saying for a long time the growth of government is unsustainable. This research backs that up.”


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