Bag Ban Backlash Rules The Day


Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is commending members of the Public Works & Infrastructure Committee (PWIC) today for deciding against both levying a fee and an outright ban on plastic shopping bags in Toronto.

When the Coalition, believing the fee amounted to illegal price-fixing, filed a complaint with the Federal Competition Bureau last summer, City Council responded by hastily banning plastic shopping bags. The threat of a lawsuit from the coalition and other stakeholders appears to have changed the minds of councillors on the committee, who faced a fierce “bag ban backlash” from the public. The decision allows consumers to make informed choices about how they do their shopping.

“Now market forces can decide the price of shopping bags,” said coalition president Matthew McGuire. “This is a good victory for Toronto.”

The coalition has already thanked all PWIC members who listened to taxpayers and voted to protect them, and applauded Councillor Michelle Berardinetti (Ward 35 – Scarborough Southwest), who had a change-of-heart after initially supporting the fee. “We’re happy to see her listening to her constituents on this issue,” noted McGuire.

“Toronto is a major player in the plastics industry. City council has no right to distort the market to their financial benefit and to the financial detriment of taxpayers.”

The battle, which has been fought since 2009, appears to finally be over.

“This is a victory for all of Toronto,” McGuire added.


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