Chow singles out private sector with restrictive hiring policy


Olivia Chow’s proposal to force private companies to hire workers under 24 for infrastructure projects is divisive, unfair and will discourage investment in the city by the private sector, warned the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition.

“This requirement would only apply to the private sector,” noted Taxpayers Coalition President Matthew McGuire.

If a private company does not include jobs and apprenticeships for people under 24 in its tender for an infrastructure project, that tender would be rejected regardless of the value it would bring to the city. The workers would also have to live within city borders.

No other jurisdiction in Canada has this requirement, and in fact, the policy could be subject to a costly and acrimonious court challenge given that it is illegal for city governments to force contractors to hire workers from only one province, unless it achieves a “legitimate objective.”

“Olivia Chow’s policy tour has been one disastrous left-field idea after another,” said McGuire. “She doesn’t understand that you can’t create jobs by punishing private-sector employers. The role of government is to create an economic climate where private companies could thrive and would want to invest in our city.”

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