City Plays Musical Chairs With Taxpayers’ Money


Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is fuming mad after learning from a Toronto Sun report that city officials purchased 30 designer chairs for City Hall at a cost of almost $75,000. The chairs adorn the members’ lounge where councillors often hold private meetings.

“This is completely unacceptable,” said coalition spokesman Matthew McGuire. “Why is the city playing musical chairs with taxpayers’ money?”

The coalition wants to ensure whoever approved this purchase is held accountable.

McGuire could barely contain his outrage. “Surely, the city of Toronto can find a better deal on thirty chairs than $75,000. This is exactly what voters wanted to stop in the last election.”

In fact, recent polls on the mayor’s approval rating suggest residents are still supportive of efforts to stop the gravy train.

But the coalition argues there is still a lot of work to do.

“Rob Ford said he’s derailed the gravy train, but it’s clearly still chugging along,” McGuire noted, calling the purchase “wildly reckless and inappropriate”.

The group believes this is not the time for council to be letting taxpayers down; council should be working harder than ever to stop this kind of practice.

“Taxpayers are really disappointed that purchases like this are still being made,” McGuire added. “There is no excuse for such gross mismanagement of taxpayers’ money.”



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