Coalition Kicks Off Social Media Campaign Highlighting Adam Vaughan’s Lies


Toronto Taxpayers Coalition has unveiled a new social media campaign aimed at holding Adam Vaughan accountable for a series of lies he told in the council chamber during the July meeting. The advertising campaign comes a day after the coalition unveiled a new poster, accusing Vaughan of hiding behind protection granted during council debates in order to mislead voters and deliberately spread several misrepresentations of the truth.

“Since Adam Vaughan won’t apologize for the lies we’ve identified, we’ve decided to take our case to the public and let taxpayers come to their own conclusions,” said coalition president Matthew McGuire. “It’s important for people to know the truth.”

The group has purchased a large number of advertisements on Facebook and other social media targeting people who are involved in the Toronto political scene – including many of Vaughan’s own Facebook friends.

The comments in question were made during a heated debate in the council chambers during the same meeting council adopted a staff report finding Adam Vaughan in violation of the code of conduct.

If Vaughan refuses to apologize, the coalition believes he should repeat this speech “word-for-word”.

“Adam Vaughan should be asked if he’s willing to recite his speech verbatim, outside of the council chambers. Let’s hear Adam Vaughan repeat his lies word-for-word,” McGuire said.

McGuire added the coalition will be happy to end their campaign once Adam Vaughan apologizes for his lies.


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