Coalition Pens Open Letter To Centrist Councillors


Dear Councillors:

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition finds the news of your much hyped planned meeting to be very encouraging. As you are well aware, we have been hard at work engaging people across the city in an effort to promote dialogue and to help you make the best decisions possible.

There are a number of items we feel should be discussed at your meeting. These issues are of utmost interest and importance to Torontonians, including many of your own constituents. Specifically, we hope for the following:

  • A discussion of new revenue streams dedicated to the expansion of underground transit (which Torontonians have shown to be overwhelmingly in support of, if funding is in place);
  • A discussion on how the city could change its role in areas such as government housing, seniors’ homes, and daycares through the implementation of a voucher system;
  • A discussion on how the city can move towards the elimination of the municipal land transfer tax.

We have ideas on how to make a voucher system work in this city and we feel the benefits are obvious. A few benefits being that the city will save on operating and maintenance costs, and voucher users will not be concentrated in particular areas. We would be happy to discuss our ideas with you further. At the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition, we believe that the city should continue to assist those in need, but in a different, fiscally responsible way.

We understand that final solutions are not likely to come from your initial meeting this week, but we are hopeful that the ideas that result from your meeting will be able to chart a positive direction for council to take on these key issues.


Nita Kang, Managing Director
Matthew McGuire, President

Toronto Taxpayers Coalition



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