Coalition Rules Mayor Ford Offside


Toronto Taxpayers Coalition (TTC) would like to see Mayor Rob Ford spend political capital on defending taxpayers instead of defending himself.

The recent controversy sparked by allegations about the use of city resources to coach highschool football has served to distract the mayor’s attempts to focus on policy issues. “As this city’s financial coach, we believe Mayor Ford should set a positive example for the rest of the City Hall team by dedicating taxpayer dollars strictly to city business,” said coalition president Matthew McGuire.

Toronto Taxpayers Coalition respects the Mayor’s passion for volunteer work. However, the coalition would like to see the Mayor find someone to assist with his football responsibilities. McGuire added “There are probably a 100 people across the city who love football, who know the game, and would love to volunteer to have the title ‘Assistant Coach to Mayor Rob Ford’.”

Toronto Taxpayers Coalition supports the general direction the mayor has taken with regard to city finances and would like to see the Mayor tackle issues that are important to all Torontonians such as removing the Municipal Land Transfer Tax and sustainable transit expansion.

“We hope that the Mayor will provide a short and concise explanation to put this controversy to rest, and then move on to discuss the issues that face City Hall this fall. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done,” McGuire adds.


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