David Miller Spent $1 Billion More Than Rob Ford: Taxpayers Coalition


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition today released an infographic which visually represents the difference in spending habits of Mayor Rob Ford compared to his predecessor, Mayor David Miller.

The infographic utilizes budget information posted on the City of Toronto website which shows spending in David Miller’s first three budgets grew by $1 billion. By comparison, Rob Ford’s administration increased spending by a mere $20 million. The infographic assumes the budget is approved unchanged during this week’s budget deliberations.

“While we don’t endorse increasing costs to taxpayers, our research shows that even with a $20million increase over the past two years there is a $980 million difference between Ford and Miller,” said coalition president Matthew McGuire.

“We will post the infographic on our website later today as a means for our members to share with their friends and others on social media and across other platforms.”

As Toronto Council gears up to debate the 2013 budget today, our members want council to hold the line on spending.

“There is too much rhetoric and hyperbole surrounding this year’s city budget, with some left wing activists claiming the city is being torn apart,” McGuire said. “This infographic demonstrates the reality is very different.”

The graphic illustrates an increase of $1 Billion two years after David Miller was sworn in as mayor, and a $20 million increase two years after Rob Ford was sworn in as mayor.

“The truth is the budget hasn’t been gutted. It’s remained stable,” said McGuire. “The city still spends about the same it did when David Miller was Mayor.”

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