Disaster Planning – What Are Mayoral Candidates Promising?


On the one year anniversary of a storm that caused extensive damage throughout the city, Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is asking mayoral candidates how they would prepare to better deal with such a disaster in the future.

“The July 8th flood was the first in a series of weather related events that hit Toronto in 2013,” coalition president Matthew McGuire asked. “We want to know: How will each candidate prepare for such a disaster in the future?”

The first July storm cost the city almost $65 million, according to city staff. A second storm followed a few weeks later, and an ice storm brought the city to its knees in late December.

Then, late last month, another storm caused flooding on the Don Valley Parkway.

“The city’s infrastructure has been neglected for far too long. Let’s hear how each candidate plans to bring our infrastructure into the 21st century as mayor,” McGuire added.

The questionnaire, submitted earlier today to the major mayoral candidates, covers a variety of topics but puts disaster planning and ageing infrastructure at the forefront. Other questions focus on tax rates, spending, labour relations, and public transit.

The candidates have until August 1st to respond.


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