Former Mayor David Miller Reaches From Political Grave To Cost Taxpayers $55 Million


David Miller is reaching out of the political grave to pick the pockets of Toronto taxpayers…again. In a stunning report released today from Auditor General Jeff Griffiths, it was revealed that former mayor David Miller’s last budget included a secret $55 million increase on a computer spending item.

“It’s obvious to me that David Miller and his budget chief knew, or ought to have known, about this secret $55 million increase,” said Coalition president Matthew McGuire. “This is something that senior staff would have brought to the Mayor and the budget chief because of the political sensitivities,” added McGuire, referring to the MFP Computer Leasing Scandal.

The irony is not lost on taxpayers who saw David Miller swept into office on a promise to clean up such practices.

Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is calling on Councillor Shelley Carroll, Budget Chief at the time, to answer some straightforward questions on the matter at the next meeting of the Audit Committee, scheduled for July 4th.

“Taxpayers want to know these answers. Councillor Carroll was the budget chief, so what did she know? When did she know it? If she did know it, why didn’t she inform City Council during the 2010 budget process? And if she didn’t know it, why not?” McGuire asked.

“That’s the $55 million question.”


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