Fourteen Trustee Candidates Sign Accountability Pledge

Today, fourteen candidates – including two incumbent trustees up for re-election – signed a pledge of accountability sponsored by Toronto Taxpayers Coalition. The coalition was represented by Andrea Micieli, Josh Lieblein, and Matthew McGuire, who were happy to see candidates take seriously the issues of fiscal responsibility and accountability.

“Both school boards have had their fair share of issues over the years,” McGuire said. “Voters will ultimately decide if trustees are responsible for those issues. But certainly trustees have a role to play in fixing those issues.”

The pledge reads, in full:

“I pledge to increase accountability at the board, to improve the financial analysis of repairs and maintenance, and ensure precious resources are spent to better the education of our children.”

This pledge was signed by the following candidates:

  • Ken Lister (ward 17 Don Valley East, Public)
  • Robert R. Pella (ward 1 Etobicoke, Catholic)
  • Richard Klagsbrun (ward 10 Trinity – Spadina, Public)
  • Angela Kennedy (ward 11 East York/Toronto, Catholic)
  • Glenn Webster (ward 4 North York, Catholic)
  • Christmas Sy (ward 11 East York/Toronto, Catholic)
  • Jeevitha Deborah Lieberman (ward 21 Scarborough-Rouge River, Public)
  • Robert Marshall (ward 22 Scarborough East, Public)
  • Jordan Glass (ward 5 York Centre, Public)
  • Hans Bathija (ward 10 Trinity – Spadina, Public)
  • Robert Wicik (ward 8 Scarborough, Catholic)
  • Sheila Cary-Meagher (ward 16 Beaches-East York, Public)
  • Ryan Nutter (ward 12 Scarborough, Catholic)
  • Louise Da Re (ward 5 North York, Catholic)

The group signed the pledge outside of Donview Middle School, which has had a number of maintenance issues that have cost far in excess of what many would consider to be reasonable. The coalition has heard from other candidates who were not able to attend today but still wish to sign the pledge.