Is Robo-Raymond Cho Misleading Scarborough Voters?


Is Robo-Raymond Cho Misleading Scarborough Voters?

Toronto Taxpayers Coalition president Matthew McGuire expressed deep disappointment this morning upon learning Councillor Cho has taken to spreading rumours that TTC chair Karen Stintz will not be present at the coalition’s Transit Townhall.

This reminds many people of the controversy going on right now in Ottawa. Some members of the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition have nicknamed Councillor Raymond Cho ‘Robo-Raymond’.

Councillor Stintz has confirmed her attendance at both meetings.

Coalition president Matthew McGuire has issued the following statement: “Councillor Karen Stintz has been very generous with her time as chairman of the Toronto Transit Commission. Our organization has been encouraging people to attend both meetings if they can. Councillor Cho’s actions suggest that he is purposely and unwittingly telling people that TTC Chair Stintz will not be attending our panel discussion. It is simply not true. I have called Raymon Cho’s office and I fully expect him to correct the record. If you are not able to attend our Transit Townhall at Scarborough Civic Centre, then by all means attend the other”.

The Transit Townhall is being held at the Scarborough Civic Centre tonight from 7:00pm and 9:00pm. The following panelists will be in attendance:

  • Dr. Gordon Chong, author of the Sheppard Subway Report,
  • Cllr. Karen Stintz, TTC Chair,
  • John Morand, former City Manager, City of Toronto, and
  • Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun columnist



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