Recent Poll Confirms Taxpayers Coalition Stance


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition says a recent Ipsos Reid poll, which indicates Torontonians still support Mayor Rob Ford’s fiscally conservative agenda, confirms what the group has been saying for months.

“The poll shows 62% of Torontonians back Ford’s fiscal agenda,” says Coalition spokesman Matthew McGuire. “As we have been saying all along, voters still remember what the city was like under David Miller, and they clearly do not want to go back to those days of fiscally irresponsibility.”

McGuire says this is something all politicians must keep in mind.

“If Olivia Chow is positioning herself as the left-wing candidate to take on Ford, she’s best to think twice. Running a far left-wing campaign will not give her a significant pool of votes from which to draw,” McGuire asserted.

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is currently fundraising to ensure that it will be a force in the upcoming 2014 municipal election.

“David Miller was elected because taxpayers weren’t organized and didn’t mount a defense of their interests. We won’t let that happen with Olivia Chow,” McGuire added.


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