Soknacki’s LRT Plan Disappointing, says Toronto Taxpayers Coalition


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition says it’s extremely disappointed with mayoral candidate David Soknacki’s plan to cancel the Scarborough Subway.

“Soknacki’s proposal risks running off the rails the first real plan Toronto has had in years to expand subway infrastructure”, says Toronto Taxpayers Coalition president Matthew McGuire. “That will mean more years of gridlock and a return to the political tug-of-war that has seen little transit infrastructure built to support Toronto’s growing suburbs.”

The coalition organized a “Save The Subways” campaign two years ago, a campaign that included placing pro-subway advertisements on streetcars and on buses in suburban Toronto.

“The public responded positively to our campaign,” says McGuire “Torontonians want a real plan to expand subway infrastructure. They don’t want band aid mass transit solutions. That’s a message Soknacki and other politicians need to heed.”

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is a non-partisan grassroots advocacy group that stands for lower taxes, less waste, and responsible spending.

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