Sunshine List Turns Up Shocking Figures


Number of employees of Toronto and its ABC’s on the Sunshine List climbs 30%

It’s clear many municipal employees are walking on sunshine at the taxpayers’ expense.

The shocking disclosures in today’s release of the annual Sunshine List – a disclosure of public sector salaries in Ontario greater than $100,000 – has left members of Toronto Taxpayers Coalition shaking their heads. The list reveals that labour costs in the City of Toronto continue to rise at dramatic rates, putting considerable pressure on efforts to lower spending and reduce the cost of government.

“Labour costs are the single biggest pressure on the city’s budget,” said coalition president Matthew McGuire. “$100,000 is a lot of money. Most taxpayers paying these salaries can only dream of earning this much.”

Of particular concern is the enormous growth trend in the TTC:

The number of Operators on the list has doubled since 2010 (99 vs. 196)
The number of Route Supervisors has increased 25% since 2011 (81 vs. 101)
The number of Station Collectors has increased 50% since 2010 (14 vs. 21)
The number of Station Managers has nearly doubled since 2011 (6 vs. 11)
“This week we’ve learned that the TTC can’t put together a proper budget,” said McGuire, referring to recently revealed cost overruns and $58 million being set aside to adjust streetcar bays. “Now we’re learning that we are paying 21 people over $100,000 to sell Metropasses.”

The coalition also took issue with the exorbitant number of Toronto Public Library employees on the list. “I think most taxpayers would be shocked to learn that 61 employees of Toronto Public Library are on the Sunshine List. Is it any wonder it costs as much to run our top-heavy library system as it does to run our emergency service?” McGuire asked.

In total, 7123 employees of Toronto and its agencies, boards, and commissions earned over $100,000 last year. That is up from 5481 in 2011 – a 30% increase. “I can’t see how anybody could argue a 30% increase to municipal employees on the Sunshine List is sustainable,” McGuire quipped.

Toronto Police Services also demonstrated a large bump in the number of employees on the list over the previous year: from 2027 to 3181, representing a whopping 57% increase.

McGuire also pointed out that all 44 City Councillors made the list, earning a total of: $102,539.25. Mayor Ford’s salary for last year was $172,686.87.


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