Taxpayers Coalition Announces Advertising Campaign To Save The Subways


Matthew McGuire, president of the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition (TTC) today announced an ad campaign launching this week promoting the petition at

The advertisements will run on city busses in Scarborough, Etobicoke, and North York. They ads display a side by side comparison of why subways are better than LRTs.

“We believe that City Council has made an irresponsible decision,” McGuire said. “All evidence shows that, in the long run, subways are far cheaper than LRT, carry more people, and spur economic development.”

Subway supporters are able to “sponsor a subway” by donating $50 to the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition.

“The Premier has to know the obvious; that his MPPs are elected by Toronto residents too. City council had their say. The Mayor has had his say. This petition allows residents to tell the Premier that we want our Toronto MPPs to speak up for Toronto,” McGuire added.

“Scarborough, Etobicoke, North York, York, and East York residents want to know if the Toronto MPPs will stand up for them.”

The Ontario government has final say on how the $8.4 billion transit funds from the province will be spent.


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