Taxpayers Coalition Applauds Contract For Garbage Collection


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is pleased with the news that Toronto City Council voted to enter into a contract for household waste collection in the area west of Yonge St. The winning bid will save the city $100 million over the course of the contract.

However, the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is reminding city councillors that their job is far from over.

“This is a great first step. The monopoly on garbage collection has been dragged to the curb.” said Coalition president Matthew McGuire. “But council would be wrong to think that they’ve cleaned up all of their ‘fiscal waste’.”

Earlier this year, the Coalition submitted a petition containing 2,000 signatures across the city in favour of privatizing garbage collection, and reiterated this point through deputations to the Executive Committee. McGuire pointed out that independent studies have shown that savings from contracting out garbage collection city-wide can total tens of millions of dollars.

“We need to continue taking expensive past-practices to the curb. The Coalition is advocating the elimination of the so-called ‘fair wage’ policy” McGuire added.

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is a non-partisan organization founded in 2010 that advocates for lower taxes and accountable government in Toronto.

The petition remains online at, and calls for contracting out of garbage pickup across the city.


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