Taxpayers Coalition Condemns Liberal Government


Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is condemning Premier Kathleen Wynne for choosing to release the Sunshine List during a very significant Jewish and Christian holiday – a move that shows contempt for taxpayers of the two faiths.

“I know we’re supposed to be a pluralistic society, but the only other day that could be worse for releasing this information would be Christmas Eve,” explained coalition president Matthew McGuire.

Political consultants know that the best way to bury a bad news story is to release it on Holy Thursday. The coalition wants to know “What is the Liberal government trying to hide?”

“By releasing the information today, the government is preventing public discourse on the financial state of the public sector in Ontario,” asserted McGuire. “I’m hoping that Ontario media outlets won’t let Kathleen Wynne get away with burying this report on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.”

“Otherwise it might as well be called the ‘In the Shadows’ List”.

Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is analyzing the details and has uncovered a number of “shocking” and “appalling” findings. These will be released as they come to light, McGuire confirmed.

“The government wants to try to change the channel on the growth of public sector salaries. Toronto Taxpayers Coalition isn’t going to let them.”


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