Taxpayers Coalition Hosts Debate Between Stintz And Chong In Scarborough


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition has announced an exciting Transit Townhall in Scarborough on Thursday March 8th, with a panel featuring Dr. Gordon Chong and TTC Chair Karen Stintz.

“Our Transit Townhall is going to allow residents the opportunity to voice their concerns and pose their questions to our panel,” said coalition president Matthew McGuire. “We hope that by creating dialogue, we can help cut through the rhetoric and help everyone get a better perspective of the issue.”

Our full panel is as follows:

  • Dr. Gordon Chong, author of the Sheppard Subway Report,
  • Cllr. Karen Stintz, TTC Chair,
  • John Morand, former City Manager, City of Toronto, and
  • Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun columnist

The coalition believes this will be the transit event to attend ahead of an important vote on March 21st. “Our panel brings a wealth of knowledge to the table to help facilitate the dialogue,” McGuire added, noting coalition members and supporters have been looking forward to the event since it was announced on Sunday.

WHO: Toronto Taxpayers Coalition
WHAT: Transit Townhall in Scarborough featuring panelists Dr. Gordon Chong, TTC Chair Karen Stintz, Columnist Sue-Ann Levy, and former City of Toronto manager John Morand.
WHERE: Scarborough Civic Centre (150 Borough Dr.)
WHEN: Thursday March 8th, 7:00pm-9:00pm
WHY: To promote dialogue and better understanding of the future of Toronto Transit; To allow residents to voice their concerns and pose their questions.



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