Taxpayers Coalition Issues 2011 Council Report Cards


Mayor Ford awarded a ‘B’.

The marks are in!

Having poured over the past twelve months, the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition has issued report cards for the mayor and each councillor.

“We want to give taxpayers a tool to help them judge how their councillor has been voting as Toronto deals with the current financial crisis,” said coalition president Matthew McGuire. “In the same way reports cards at school give guidance to students, this is a chance for councillors to gauge how they are doing on these issues.”

Overall, city council was given a grade of C+. Individually, 11 councillors were awarded A’s, 15 councillors were awarded B’s, and 11 councillors received a grade of F.

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is a non-partisan advocate for lower taxes and reduced spending. Individual grades for all 44 councillors and the mayor can be viewed at the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition website at


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