Taxpayers Coalition Launches Stop Chow Now Campaign


Yesterday, Toronto Taxpayers Coalition unveiled their latest project, the Stop Chow Now campaign. The group placed lawn signs around Toronto to coincide with thousands of letters mailed to supporters announcing the campaign and the launch of its website,

The campaign takes a look at Olivia Chow’s track record as a City Councillor and as a Member of Parliament, and closely examines her mayoral platform. The conclusion drawn is that Olivia Chow’s policies would be ruinous for the City and her record backs it up.

“Toronto residents are very concerned about what an Olivia Chow administration would mean for taxation in Toronto” said Matthew McGuire, president of the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition.

The website breaks down her record and platform into seven categories:

The coalition cautions that although Olivia Chow is a distant 3rd place in public polling, former mayor David Miller was polling in the single digits at Labour Day during the election that ultimately swept him to power.

The grassroots effort is funded by individuals and small-business owners offering private donations that average around $82 each. Interested parties can contribute online or via cheque by visiting

The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is a non-partisan advocate for the municipal taxpayer, supporting lower taxes, less waste, and responsible spending.

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