Taxpayers Coalition Slams Councillors’ Junket to Vancouver


Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is asking why so many Toronto City Councillors needed to attend the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) conference in Vancouver this week.

Noting that the City of Toronto has two city councillors – Pam McConnell, Michael Thompson – on the FCM Ontario board of directors, coalition president Matthew McGuire was surprised to hear that 18 councillors spent taxpayers’ money to attend.

“While some on council are trying to stop the gravy train, other councillors have found a new mode of transportation: The Gravy Plane”, declared McGuire, referring to the cost of plane tickets and hotel accommodation for 18 councillors.

“I believe council needs to set a policy to limit the size of delegations to an affordable number”, added McGuire. “No private sector organization would send 40% of its people on a junket like this.”

“What will 18 councillors learn that a delegation of four or five couldn’t share with colleagues upon their return from Vancouver?” asked McGuire.

The coalition plans on surveying the expenses of councillors who attended in order to expose the true cost of this junket. “The gravy plane needs to be stopped too”.


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