Taxpayers Coalition To Executive Committee: Take A Pass On Pay Hike


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is hoping that the city’s Executive Committee votes down the latest expensive pay hike for city councillors.

“Last year, city council’s salaries went up by 1.5%. The year before, it was 3%,” said Toronto Taxpayers Coalition president Matthew McGuire. “City councillors in Toronto are currently paid over $100,000 a year. That’s far more than most Torontonians could ever hope to make.”

McGuire pointed out that many people, including Councillor Michael Thompson, feel that approving this pay hike would be a terrible precedent ahead of negotiations between public sector unions and the city. Nothing would stop unions from demanding similar or higher increases.

“On top of that, no other group of Torontonians have the power to vote themselves a pay increase,” added McGuire. “We urge city councillors to think twice about taking this raise so close to an election.”

Councillors will already receive a 1.2% raise as a result of a cost-of-living increase which was calculated earlier in the year.


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