Taxpayers Coalition Uses Robocalls To Fight For Subways


The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is utilizing digital technology to deliver voice messages to subway supporters across Toronto this weekend.

The voice messages, which have been broadcast to thousands of members and supporters of the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition, encourages voters to phone their MPP in an event they call Subway Sunday.

“We are asking people to hold their MPPs accountable for their vote in last week’s debate at Queen’s Park on subways for Toronto. If you get their voice mail, ask them to call you back and explain why they voted against subways for your neighbourhood. If the mayor of Toronto can return every one of his phone calls, then certainly MPPs can call you back to explain why they voted against subways,” said coalition president Matthew McGuire.

The voice broadcasts were circulated Saturday March 10th and reports are that hundreds of people have already started making phone calls. “It’s very important that members of the public participate in our strategy, which is to make certain that elected officials are held accountable for their actions.”

You can listen to the coalition’s robocall here:


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